100 HR Intensive Hatha Mysore Style Course, Yoga Dhama: Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, Mysore, India (2018)

Yoga Nidra with Kumar Mumuksha, Mysore, India (2018)

300 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Indea Yoga: Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, Mysore, India (2015)

Pilates Mat I Teacher Training, East to West Yoga and Pilates, Toronto, ON (2011)

CPTN Personal Trainer Certification, Toronto, ON (2010)

Can Fit Pro Fitness Instructor Certification, Toronto, ON (2009)

CPR and First Aid (2009-Present)


Asana Academy, Online with Mark Stephens, Santa Cruz, California, USA (2020-2021)

Insightful Adjustments with Kate Gillespie, Downward Dog Yoga Studio, Toronto, ON (2019)

Yoga Philosophy with Hali Schwartz, Toronto, ON (2015 – 2018)

ELDOA Levels 1 &2 with Dr. Guy Voyer, Santa Monica, California, USA (2017)

The McGill Method 1 – Building the Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to Preformance, Dr. Stuart McGill, Toronto, ON (2017)

“What’s The Fuzz?” The Role of Fascia in Healthy Movement, Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy Somanautics, Toronto, ON (2017)

Independent Workshop for Back Care: Herniation and Scoliosis, Yoga Union, New York, USA (2016)

Cervical Spine  Mechanics and Protocols Workshop, Body Harmonics, Toronto, ON (2016)

Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link Workshop, Body Harmonics, Toronto, ON (2016)

Yoga Therapeutics and Back Care Basics Workshop with Gabriel Halpern, Kula Yoga, Williamsburg, NY, USA (2015)

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Kino MacGregor, Toronto, ON (2015)

Core Stability and Motor Control for Low Back Pain Workshop, Dr. Paul Hodges, Tel Aviv, Israel (2012)